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Birds and life

Photography, painting and textile art combines skillful bird portraits with poetic interpretations of the theme wings.
Under the theme ‘wings’ a new exhibition is presented at Norrbyskärs museum and opened last Saturday, it was also the Capital of Culture opening of Sami season ‘Giarra’. With a bearing on both poetic and mythological dimensions the theme is prosaic anchored in the bird portraits in painting and photography that dominates the exhibition.
To Brutus Östlings photo works, artist Andreas Hedbergs paintings responds with a more challenging posture and a lower density technical run painting with realistic adherence. In sheer color scales Hedberg portrays Nordic birdlife, equal care has been taken to depict birds and their environment. A refined duet is heard between Östling and Hedberg, two bird portrayers with devotion and a tender eye to their subjects…
Sara Meidell, Västerbottens Kuriren 2014


inspiring with love for nature, the sea and the birds
Summer magazine Uppsala / Östhammar 2014

Good at creating life in his paintings

You will easily get caught in his images of animals. Animals that look alive when they meet your eye…
Västerbottens Kuriren 2013

A transparent and singularly vibrant Nordic light

Hedberg stays faithful to the animal paintings he mainly become known for, with a depth mainly achieved through technical skill
Sara Meidell, Västerbottens Kuriren 2012

Hedberg Konst - Tofsvipa

An Artists’ fascination with birds

… he spend much time in nature in order to, with all his senses, gather impressions and feelings by experiencing, observing, sketching and photographing. Material that he with somewhat magical brushstrokes transforms to nature paintings in his studio , paintings that has attracted attention far beyond Sweden’s borders.
Benny Stiegler, Västerbottens Kuriren 2010



Hedberg Konst - Fiskmås

Compassing Swedish North


‘Swedish painter Andreas Hedberg lives in splendid isolation in northern Scandinavia where the winters are long and bleak, the summers filled with constant envigorating sun, and the rest offering plenty of time for intense quiet reflection.  Hedberg shares glimpses of nature around his remote village. Wildlife Art Journal (U.S.A.) 2010


Swedish Painter Andreas Hedberg Builds A Portfolio At The Top Of The World

Hedberg Konst - Räv (detalj)… iconic paintings and animal motifs from the northern fauna …
Peter Kärr, Västerbottningen 2010


Hedberg has the ability to use light and create presence in his paintings
Josef Nylén, Uppsala Nya Tidning 2009
Andreas artworks have spirit. You really feel how they come to life in front of you.
Helena Sandström /Lennart Windelius, vindeln.se 2006
the realism and vitality is impossible to describe in words and for such a simple setting the pictures seem to have so much content that you keep returning to them for another view…
Round Town News, Spanien 2005
Hedberg Konst - Rådjur (detalj)The first thing that strikes you when you are confronted with
Andreas Hedberg’s work is how alive they feel.
They are not just flat pictures hanging on a wall
but reflects a soulful reality. Truly amazing
images where you have difficulties understanding
that the creator is so relatively young.
Dan Eriksson, Norran 2003

With poetic sensibility and sense of light and atmospheric variations  Hedberg is documenting  the Northern agricultural landscape.
Yvonne Rittvall, Västerbottens Kuriren 2000
Hedberg Konst - StorspovThere is a living creature in Andreas Hedberg’s paintings.
An entity as close and elusive as a dream.
The colors are fluidal and pure.
It is mature and harmonious painting.
Kerstin Hansson, Västerbottens Kuriren 1995